Continious Integration Packages

The downloads available here are automatically built from the latest source in the NetSurf project git repository.

At any given time these builds may be broken, unstable, have verbose logging enabled, or exhibit any other undesirable behaviour.

Running a recent development build, you can help us develop and improve NetSurf by providing feedback.

Note that older builds will be removed, so do not rely on the link to any specific download being a permanent URL.


The toolchains and SDK used by the continuous integration system are also built from source and made available. These toolchains are compiled on a Debian squeeze 64bit x86 system and no guarantees about their suitability are given.

CI packages

The ci system is built on Debian and historicaly required backports of packages. For reproducability we provide our binary builds of these packages and the sources used.

These packages were generally taken from debian unstable and simply rebuilt for the amd64 target with the apropriate dependancies altered, code changes are generally not necessary.