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  1. Layout: Apply min/max width to replaced elements when width is given. (detail / cgit)
  2. treeview: Correct mis-freeing in treeview_create error path (detail / cgit)
  3. Console.bnd: Support attempts to log when Window has gone (detail / cgit)
  4. monkey/browser.c: Handle failed calloc more gracefully (detail / cgit)
  5. browser_history.c: Clamp contents to be 1x1 at min. (detail / cgit)
  6. gtk/fetch.c & monkey/filetype.c: small comment correction. (detail / cgit)
  7. gtk/fetch.c & monkey/filetype.c: ascii_is_space already checks for (detail / cgit)
  8. Docs: Remove mention of spidermonky. (detail / cgit)
  9. Make it clear that this is not a shell script (detail / cgit)
  10. GTK: prefer using curl's intrinsic defaults for CURLOPT_CA* (detail / cgit)
  11. html_interaction.c: Default node to <HTML> node (detail / cgit)
  12. Fix clamping in commit fa64763b0d8c6566eda5f6547e7f2f3e62b77613 (detail / cgit)
  13. Docs: Convert GTK doc to markdown. (detail / cgit)
  14. split browser and browser_window operations (detail / cgit)
  15. reformat and tidy up browser window code ready for corewindow changes (detail / cgit)
  16. dukky: Attempt to make the fallback to HTMLUnknownElement more useful. (detail / cgit)
  17. Dukky: Support console logging better (detail / cgit)
  18. dukky.c: Correct typo (BUTTOM -> BUTTON) (detail / cgit)
  19. Browser window: Make invalidate gui callback use unsacled coordinates. (detail / cgit)
  20. GTK: Update for unscaled bw invalidate rectangle. (detail / cgit)
  21. AMIGA: Update to remove rectangle scaling from browser window invalidate (detail / cgit)
  22. RISCOS: change invalidate to cope with unscaled rectangles (detail / cgit)
  23. Window: Restructure EXPOSE()d globals (detail / cgit)
  24. Window: Provide a little more info on why not EXPOSE()ing some stuff (detail / cgit)
  25. Logging: Also log the level and category (detail / cgit)
  26. Makefile.config.example: Document logging options (detail / cgit)
  27. Dukky: Add and utilise a jserrors category (detail / cgit)
  28. llcache: Use last_modified instead of date (detail / cgit)
  29. Document.bnd:  Fix cookies getter and implement setter (detail / cgit)
  30. Monkey: Properly support reload in farmer and driver (detail / cgit)
  31. remove scaling from internal browser get_dimensions calls (detail / cgit)
  32. remove scaled parameter from get_dimensions (detail / cgit)
  33. fix missed get dimensions call in amiga frontend (detail / cgit)
  34. Duktape: Update to 2.4.0 release. (detail / cgit)
  35. Duktape: Prevent clang static analysis. (detail / cgit)
  36. Duktape: Make declarations match definitions for inline functions. (detail / cgit)
  37. Duktape: Make declarations match definitions for duk_raw_read_xxx_be (detail / cgit)
  38. Duktape: Make declarations match definitions for fastint-enabled (detail / cgit)
  39. Duktape: Make declaration match definition for duk_refzero_check_fast() (detail / cgit)
  40. Duktape: Make declaration match definition for memcmp and double_div. (detail / cgit)
  41. Duktape: Hopefully silence issue with %lld (detail / cgit)
  42. curl: Immediately abort fetchers when we can (detail / cgit)
  43. dukky: Clean up our stacktrace reporting (detail / cgit)
  44. curl: Change where we lodge `inside_curl` (detail / cgit)
  45. dukky: Remove unused `dukky_safe_get()` (detail / cgit)
  46. monkey: Run scheduler before extracting fdsets (detail / cgit)
  47. monkey: Report the errno when select() returns -1 (detail / cgit)
  48. llcache: Ensure we preserve iteratorness when sending messages (detail / cgit)
  49. gtk, beos: Run scheduler before fetching fdset (detail / cgit)
  50. monkeyfarmer: Be a little more verbose when exiting (detail / cgit)
  51. local_history: Add concept of a cursor to the local history (detail / cgit)
  52. local_history: Handle keys for navigating local history (detail / cgit)
  53. gtk/corewindow.c: Correctly handle scroll_visible (detail / cgit)
  54. gtk/local_history: Scroll local history to cursor on display (detail / cgit)
  55. framebuffer/local_history: Scroll to cursor on open (detail / cgit)
  56. windows/local_history: Scroll to cursor on open (detail / cgit)
  57. riscos/local_history: Scroll to cursor on open. (detail / cgit)
  58. amiga/history_local: Scroll to cursor on open (detail / cgit)
  59. Local history: Treat thumbnail dimensions as CSS pixels. (detail / cgit)
  60. Local history: Consolidate thumbnail dimensions. (detail / cgit)
  61. treeview: Support scrolling to the highlighted node (detail / cgit)
  62. Framebuffer: Add keyboard controls for scaling. (detail / cgit)
  63. Framebuffer: Remove bogus comment. (detail / cgit)
  64. monkey: Support clicking in windows (detail / cgit)
  65. monkeyfarmer: Probably make handling of monkey more robust (detail / cgit)
  66. monkeyfarmer, driver: Add support for clicking on things (detail / cgit)
  67. monkeyfarmer: Make polling even more robust (detail / cgit)
  68. RISC OS: Attempt to implement ro_cw_scroll_visible(). (detail / cgit)
  69. RISC OS: y scroll is negative. (detail / cgit)
  70. box_construct: Check error return from dom_has_attribute (detail / cgit)
  71. change browser_window_mouse_click to use unscaled coordinates (detail / cgit)
  72. change browser_window_mouse_track to use unscaled coordinates (detail / cgit)
  73. change browser_window_get_features to use unscaled coordinates (detail / cgit)
  74. improve browser_window_set_scale (detail / cgit)
  75. make use of improved browser_window_set_scale API in frontends (detail / cgit)
  76. Corewindow helper: Add helper to scroll to visible rectangle. (detail / cgit)
  77. Corewindow: Sanitise scrolling API. (detail / cgit)
  78. Amiga: Fix the corewindow get scroll call. (detail / cgit)
  79. Corewindow helper: Add documentation for cw_helper_scroll_visible() (detail / cgit)
  80. RISC OS: Core window: X scroll is positive, Y scroll is negative. (detail / cgit)
  81. RISC OS: Fix ro_cw_get_window_dimensions to account for toolbar height. (detail / cgit)
  82. local_history: Improve up/down navigation (detail / cgit)
  83. monkey_driver: Fix sleep-ms (detail / cgit)
  84. Migrate query dispatch up from llcache to hlcache (detail / cgit)
  85. download: Include log.h (detail / cgit)
  86. remove unnecessary browser_window_redraw_rect interface (detail / cgit)
  87. remove unused interface (detail / cgit)
  88. remove unused gtk window interfaces and clean up documentation (detail / cgit)
  89. RISC OS: Set window has focus in local history open. (detail / cgit)
  90. CSS hints: Change css_hint_advance to advance pointer by parameter. (detail / cgit)
  91. Duktape element binding: Check dom_string_create for error. (detail / cgit)
  92. llcache: pass the cb_pw in query_finished (detail / cgit)
  93. llcache.h: Migrate query event to own struct type (detail / cgit)
  94. content, hlcache: Propagate query events upward (detail / cgit)
  95. llcache: Do not delete objects if they were iterator targets (detail / cgit)
  96. desktop: Expose llcache query handler temporarily (detail / cgit)
  97. Add content handlers for queries (detail / cgit)
  98. trivial documentation cleanups (detail / cgit)
  99. change browser_window_redraw to use unscaled coordinates (detail / cgit)
  100. RISC OS: Try setting the caret position to give the window focus. (detail / cgit)
  101. RISC OS: Fix log message. (detail / cgit)
  102. change browser_window_drop_file_at_point() to take unscaled coordinates (detail / cgit)
  103. remove unused interface (detail / cgit)
  104. make risc os title setting not use shadow scale value (detail / cgit)
  105. remove core snapping for values set in absolute mode (detail / cgit)
  106. change RISC OS keypress handling for scale to not use shadow variable (detail / cgit)
  107. remove unecessary scaling in RISC OS get and set scroll offsets (detail / cgit)
  108. remove RISC OS scale shadow variable (detail / cgit)
  109. html: Mirror gadget values in and out of the DOM (detail / cgit)
  110. form: Fix situation where a gadget initialises with NULL value (detail / cgit)
  111. remove shadow scale variable from atari (detail / cgit)
  112. remove shadow scale variable from beos (detail / cgit)
  113. enable gnu extensions to get strcasestr from string.h (detail / cgit)
  114. Content messages: Remove ERRORCODE, rework ERROR (detail / cgit)
  115. content: Rename content_broadcast_errorcode() (detail / cgit)
  116. browser_window: Add fetch parameters and split navigate (detail / cgit)
  117. Migrate SSL certificate storage to the browser window (detail / cgit)
  118. Excise the llcache query pathway. (detail / cgit)
  119. HTML: Box coordinates: Take fast route to float container. (detail / cgit)
  120. browser_window: Stop the throbber right at the end of handling errors (detail / cgit)
  121. html_begin_conversion: If we pause in completing parse, try again later. (detail / cgit)
  122. nssprite: content_broadcast_error fix (detail / cgit)
  123. Browser window navigate: Ensure child.quirks is initialised. (detail / cgit)
  124. curl.c: Don't use OpenSSL 1.1 only serialNumber fetcher (detail / cgit)
  125. riscos: Try and fix up all the content changes (detail / cgit)
  126. amiga: Try and catch the last content rework for amiga (detail / cgit)
  127. riscos: Deal with silly typos.  I'm too tired now. (detail / cgit)
  128. amiga: Fix more content error snafus. (detail / cgit)
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