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  1. lzw: Simplify new code handling. (detail / cgit)
  2. lzw: Create #define for number of dictionary entry slots. (detail / cgit)
  3. lzw: Split out dictionary augmentation. (detail / cgit)
  4. lzw: Avoid code size increment check when dictionary is full. (detail / cgit)
  5. lzw: Slight simplification of clear code handling. (detail / cgit)
  6. lzw: Rename minimum_code_size to match what it's called in spec. (detail / cgit)
  7. lzw: Split out output writing. (detail / cgit)
  8. lzw: Rename a bunch of structures, functions and variables. (detail / cgit)
  9. gif: Split out gif frame data decode. (detail / cgit)
  10. lzw: Store code's value count in table. (detail / cgit)
  11. lzw: Output values in picture order. (detail / cgit)
  12. lzw: Adapt main code handling to handle clear codes too. (detail / cgit)
  13. lzw: Remove written member from context. (detail / cgit)
  14. gif: Frame decoding: Simplify transparency check. (detail / cgit)
  15. gif: Frame decoding: Rearrange for readability. (detail / cgit)
  16. lzw: Return output array from decode function instead of init. (detail / cgit)
  17. lzw: Add support for resumable output of a single code. (detail / cgit)
  18. lzw: Add function for decoding multiple LZW codes at a time. (detail / cgit)
  19. gif: Handle any uncompressed output before exiting due to error. (detail / cgit)
  20. lzw: Direct output into frame data, avoiding stack. (detail / cgit)
  21. gif: Switch complex decoder over to continuous lzw API. (detail / cgit)
  22. lzw: Constify table pointers in writer functions. (detail / cgit)
  23. lzw: Restrict pointers through code reader. (detail / cgit)
  24. lzw: Always read three bytes on fast path to avoid swtich. (detail / cgit)
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