This document provides instructions for building the AmigaOS version of NetSurf and provides guidance on obtaining NetSurf's build dependencies.

AmigaOS NetSurf has been tested on AmigaOS 4.0 July 2007 Update and AmigaOS 4.1. It will require modification for AmigaOS 3.9 or earlier, or other Amiga-like platforms.

AmigaOS NetSurf will build against newlib by default, building against clib2 has not been tested.

Building and executing NetSurf

First of all, you should examine the contents of Makefile.defaults and enable and disable relevant features as you see fit by creating a Makefile.config. Some of these options can be automatically detected and used, although it is better to explicitly enable or disable options.

You should then obtain NetSurf's dependencies, keeping in mind which options you have enabled in the configuration file. See the next section for specifics.

Once done, to build AmigaOS NetSurf on OS4, simply run:

1> gmake

If that produces errors, you probably don't have some of NetSurf's build dependencies installed. See "Obtaining NetSurf's dependencies" below, or turn off the complaining features in a Makefile.config.

Running NetSurf from the build tree requires some setup:

1> makelink resources amiga/resources force
1> copy amiga/resources/themes/default/

It should then be possible to run NetSurf by executing NetSurf from the Shell or by double-clicking on the icon.

Obtaining NetSurf's build dependencies

Many of NetSurf's dependencies are included with the OS4 SDK or available from Aminet or OS4Depot. The remainder must be built manually.

The NetSurf project's libraries

The NetSurf project has developed several libraries which are required by the browser. To fetch each of these libraries, run the appropriate commands from the Docs/LIBRARIES file.

To build and install these libraries, simply enter each of their directories and run:

1> gmake PREFIX=/path/to/buildsystem

The path MUST be in UNIX format and point to directory containing "share".

| Note: Building libsvgtiny requires gperf, which is available from Aminet: | |


A version of libcurl built for newlib is available from Aminet


NetSurf uses libPNG to display PNG files. It builds without any problems on OS4, or available from OS4Depot:


NetSurf uses OpenSSL for encrypted transfers.


NetSurf can use Haru PDF to enable PDF export. Haru PDF can be obtained from We require libharu 2.2 or later.

| Note: libharu cannot be auto-detected by the Makefile. If you wish to | enable it, do so by creating a Makefile.config file.


A version of the regular expression library can be obtained from Aminet:


The AmigaOS mailto: URL support uses openurl.library, this and the includes can be obtained from Aminet:


Experimental Javascript support requires Spidermonkey. The patches to build v1.7 are available from the NetSurf toolchains Git repository.