User Interface

Table of Contents

Netsurf is divided into a series of frontends which provide a user interface around common core functionality. Each frontend is a distinct implementation for a specific GUI toolkit.

Because of this the user interface has different features in each frontend allowing the browser to be a native application.


As GUI toolkits are often applicable to a single Operating System (OS) some frontends are named for their OS instead of the toolkit e.g. RISC OS WIMP frontend is named riscos and the Windows win32 frontend is named windows.


Frontend specific to the amiga


Frontend specific to the atari


Frontend specific to the Haiku OS


There is a basic user guide for the framebuffer


Frontend that uses the GTK+2 or GTK+3 toolkit


This is the internal unit test frontend.

There is a basic user guide monkey


Frontend for the RISC OS WIMP toolkit.


Frontend which uses the Microsodt win32 GDI toolkit.

User configuration

The behaviour of the browser can be changed from the defaults with a configuration file. The core user options of the browser are common to all versions and are augmented by each frontend in a specific manner.