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  1. apply part of upstream fix for inline redefinition (detail)
  2. patch at correct level (detail)
  3. apply gperf patch to header too (detail)
  4. fix patch level on patch (detail)
  5. seems modern texinfo dislikes this format (detail)
  6. update ppl library version for risc os builds (detail)
  7. Revert "update ppl library version for risc os builds" (detail)
  8. current debian stretch patch seems to copy (detail)
  9. add bison building to m68k amigaos cross compile (detail)
  10. fix tabs vs spaces in previous commit (detail)
  11. Patch PPL version to build with gcc 6 (detail)
  12. Update RISC OS toolchain a bit, hopefully it can build more now (detail)
  13. update openssl to 1.1.0f (detail)
  14. fix ppc amiga openssl 1.1 build (detail)
  15. fix m68k amigaos toolchain build (detail)
  16. fix windows toolchain build after openssl 1.1 update (detail)
  17. enable CAPI in windows build (detail)
  18. enable ssl usage in libcurl for windows (detail)
  19. Re-add some of the previous OpenSSL optimisations I believe OpenSSL is (detail)
  20. Add codesets.library includes, will be needed to fix #2578 (detail)
  21. Add codesets includes for OS3 too (detail)
  22. Add the m68k BigNum asm optimisation back in. NB: SSL is not working in (detail)
  23. Ensure we are setting PPC FPU type correctly. (detail)
  24. Update with latest binutils patches from (detail)
  25. Update to gcc 6.1.0 using patches from (detail)
  26. Fix patches so our scripts can locate the files (detail)
  27. Still need missing-files.p (detail)
  28. Only one of the previously missing files is still missing (detail)
  29. Update other libraries (detail)
  30. Workaround for gcc requesting different autotools version (detail)
  31. Latest good library versions (detail)
  32. Stop libquadmath complaining about incompatible autotools (detail)
  33. update libcurl to address CVE (detail)
  34. cache more source components on teh ci infrastructure (detail)
  35. update for new openssl and libjpeg-turbo (detail)
  36. fixup amiga curl patch (detail)
  37. seem to have been applied upstream (detail)
  38. m68k-amigaos: the MPC download URL changed (detail)
  39. Wrong file extenson meant bn_div optimisation wasn't being applied. (detail)
  40. Should be built with gnu99 apparently because 'asm' is a non-standard (detail)
  41. Add a 68k fix from amissl (detail)
  42. updated the location of mpc downloads (detail)
  43. update sdk some library versions (detail)
  44. fix RISCOS cross compiler target to correctly retrieve infozip (detail)
  45. fix openssl ppc build (detail)
  46. fix remaining ppc-amigaos SDK build faliures (detail)
  47. fix m68k amiga openssl patches (detail)
  48. atari-mint: update binutils (detail)
  49. atari-mint: Force automake/aclocal to 1.11 (detail)
  50. atari-mint: completely skip using makeinfo (detail)
  51. atari-mint: allow parallel build of binutils and gcc (detail)
  52. m68k-atari-mint: fix OpenSSL build (detail)
  53. m5475-atari-mint: update mintlib on par with m68k (detail)
  54. atari-mint: fix typo (BINUTILS vs MINTBIN) (detail)
  55. atari-mint: fix mintbin install path (detail)
  56. atari-mint: update binutils to 2.30 (detail)
  57. m5475-atari-mint: hack until mintbin install path is fixed (detail)
  58. update m68k atari sdk patches (detail)
  59. remove redundant patch from m5475-atari-mint crypto build (detail)

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